Aston Villa Is The Latest Victim Of COVID-19

By | January 8, 2021

LONDON: The FA Cup meeting between Aston Villa and Liverpool has not been decided after the COVID-19 virus spread to the Birmingham club.

The match at Villa Park is at risk of being postponed following the majority of key players and staff found positive, with the club closing their training ground.

“Final confirmation will be made tomorrow (today) depending on the results of the COVID-19 supplementary test,” the English Football Association (FA) said yesterday.

Villa are the fourth Premier League team to be hit by the COVID-19, thus raising concerns over the English league’s ability to finish the season on schedule.

They had to cancel training and close the training ground after two rounds of testing resulting in some positive results among the players and staff.

Although England returned to enforce the curfew last Wednesday, the British government said the elite could continue.

“Discussions are underway between the club’s medical representatives, the Football Association and the Premier League,” Villa said in a statement.

The FA Cup match between Southampton and Shrewsbury has been postponed due to some positive cases at the League One club.

Wayne Rooney’s derby will go down with the young squad against Chorley after some of his key players are positive COVID-19.

Last Tuesday, 40 positive cases were detected among Premier League players and staff for the period between December 28 and January 3.