EPL Records 40 COVID-19 Positive Cases

By | January 6, 2021

LONDON: The English Premier League (EPL) yesterday confirmed 40 players and staff tested positive for COVID-19 in two rounds of testing last week but insisted the season’s competition would continue as planned.

The number is more than double the old record of 18 positive and it was present when England underwent curfew nationwide to reduce the level of infection.

Three games were postponed last week during a contagion at Manchester City and Fulham.

However, the British government gave flexibility for the elite to continue despite the need for strict rules.

Twice a week the test will be held and the plan used during Project Restart last season, extended to the EPL competition after being reduced to once a week at the start of the season.

In the first round test last week, 28 positives were recorded out of 1,311 tests while another 12 were added after 984 tests in the second round.

Although some have called for it to be postponed, an increase in the number of cases and pressure from players to stop competing to avoid infection, the EPL said they were confident it could be done as planned.